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Prophetess Natasha Davis is an electrifying speaker her bold dynamic style is provoking influencing change.  She is a conference speaker, empowerment coach, teaching spiritual principles by demonstration producing evidence of God’s power.

Natasha suffered sexual abuse as a child, torn from her family at an early age. She has been kidnapped, robbed and raped at gunpoint. Such experiences left Natasha broken, abandoned and devastated. She is a personal witness to the healing through God’s Word; she now teaches the principles that built her life on “The Solid Rock.”

Natasha believes in the power of prayer discipling prayer warriors to affect change through the spoken word. Natasha specializes in tools for growth and empowerment. Through personal experience she has learned how to reclaim her from life after the tragedy her passion is to give tools renovate and reconstruct your life. She teaches principles and powerful insights that have changed her life. Natasha is also an author and business owner.