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Elder Natasha DavisElder Natasha Davis is an electrifying speaker whose bold and dynamic style is personally transparent and spiritual. Through her gift in inspirational speaking, she provides enlightenment to those who come to hear her speak via her thought provoking empowerment sessions about life, relationships and your personal relationship with God. Her word serves as evidence of God’s power, love and our purpose for serving him.

After suffering sexual abuse as a child, being torn from her family at an early age, and being raped at gunpoint. She was left devastated and questioning her will to live. Through her unfortunate personal experiences Natasha has learned how to reclaim her life and strengthen her personal relationship with God.

Utilizing life’s lessons, she specializes in teaching self-help tools for personal, spiritual and community development. Her passion is to provide the necessary self-help tools to endure the storms of life. She is a firm believer in the impact of prayer to affect change through spoken word.

In addition to being a powerful speaker Natasha is a dedicated mother, poet, writer, and a frequent guest on various radio broadcasts worldwide.

Natasha continues share her story as a testimony of the triumphant transforming power of God that others may realize their dreams and discover their purpose.