Restore 12-Day Fast

Restore 12-Day Fast

To download the ebook, click on the fasting guidelines link below.

Fasting Guidelines 12-day fasting experience (click blue writing)

Welcome to the 12-day fasting experience! Together we will go on a spiritual journey planting the seeds of faith, looking to the author and finisher of our dedication (Jesus Christ) to lead, guide, and reward our participation. You are encouraged to adhere to dietary guidelines given to you if you are under physician care. It is always loving to speak to your family members and perhaps your close friends regarding your limited conversations, meals, and other things you will hold while fasting. Correct fasting should be in love and unity, not confusion or disruption. Visit my youtube page for the right and wrong ways to fast, including abrupt communication with your loved ones.

I am looking forward to the faith fellowship and prayer gatherings during this powerful time of consecration.


Prophetess Natasha Davis

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