Healing – Desperate for Jesus by Natasha Davis

Healing – Desperate for Jesus by Natasha Davis

Follow video with notes or use separately as a devotional                                                                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHjPeEXgiCM

Healing is a kingdom characteristic.

The only reason you live is to produce the kingdom of God, to demonstrate the kingdom of God. Adam and Eve’s primary responsibility was to manage and cultivate the garden that greater could come forth. Multiplication equals progress. It also means producing the kingdom of God.

Desire, in short means, wishing for something to happen. The desire for wholeness will send you on a search. The search stops when you believe you don’t need anything or anyone. Healing is not an automatic thing, prayer is not automatic, and it is not feeling induced. It is a choice. You can be lame, ill or bedridden, blind, and cripple for as long as you please, but nothing will change until you desire.  When I began to see my life change, it was because I was desperate. Desperate (extreme behavior) to be touched by something that doesn’t drain me or leave me empty. When my life changed, I was touched, but not with my hands.

Touch is powerful! Jesus asked in Luke 8, who touched me? What an interesting question. I don’t believe Jesus was really asking a question more than making a strong observation that a deliberate touch had happened. Imperfect and sinful in nature, man touches with defiled hands, but God is a pure source incapable of nothing except holiness. He touches with intent to heal.  Hebrews 4:15 explains, “we have not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” Which is to say he knows what we feel.

There were times I touched people (literally) without knowing the power of God was present to heal. (Luke 5:17) All I knew was that my heart was toward God, and I was available. Even when you are not aware of God’s presence, he is still near us to heal. We taught our children about good touch, bad touch. Bad touch is when there is a violation of personal space, but more importantly, it is a defilement of my purity.  A good touch is the affirmation of my value and my purity. A violation will leave an imprint on you that requires cleansing and restoration. We are one touch away from being made whole of violating experiences.

Virtue is a transferable power by contact, but the contact is not limited to physical touch. You can reach into another realm and pull out what you need. You can worship the Lord, and a portal that has never existed before will become available to you. That’s a virtue! I reached in and pulled out my desire just as the woman with the issue of blood did. Your prayer and reach for God go beyond the earthly sphere.

Listen! I never let a man or a woman of God lay hands on me, and I not “pull out” from them. You can’t reach for God without being afraid. The children of Israel reached for God by crying out to him. No sense in crying to be crying, but as I cry, I reach for by God who my Dunamis power (potential, ability, and force) is to say my HEALER, DELIVERER, “MY PULLER-OUTER” in the sense of being my rescue.

You can’t pull out what you have reached into! You reach into God, and you’ll pull out power! Reach into God and pull out healing! The bible says to enter into the gates… can’t get anything on the outer court’s virtue is in the inner courts. Past pain, past disappointment, past the report of man, your bank account, your credit score, education, or situation. To get there sometimes, it takes for you to turn your plate down, turn the TV and computer off. Little won’t do. You have to go all the way in to be in search of God and your desire.

In Matthew chapter 9, the woman with the issue of blood saw another life when she pulled virtue out of Jesus. She pulled what she desired! In 1 Samuel 1, A broken woman living life with a constant reminder of what she is not. But the fixer and healer heard her drunken cry at the altar in the temple. Her name was Hannah, a childless woman who got touched in the temple.

Let this devotion be a torch for your touch.

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